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These are things I love most of all: Su Yung, Chuck Taylor, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Alberto Del Rio, Brad Maddox, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Cheerleader Melissa, Mike Mondo, Coffee, Power Rangers and NXT

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Fantastic grandma is fantastic.

Fantastic grandma is fantastic.

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How to Survive a trip to IKEA


  • Never go alone- bring a partner. Travel in pairs
  • Before entering, ensure that someone not entering knows you are going in, and when you expect to be out
  • Before entering, determine the cause of your mission- your mission objective. Bookcase? Couch? Oven? Meatballs? Figure it out

I really dislike when people act like the ice bucket challenge is stupid and accomplished nothing.

Considering theyve cracked 60mil in donations on something that barely scraped over 1mil in donations last year and have more people talking about als then ever before claims the challenge is dumb or pointless are illogical and ignorant at best.

I mean sure people can yammer about how dumb the challenge is if they really want or about how it does nothing or gripe about how some arent even donating but just being in with whats popular but if that challenge didnt exist neither did that 60mil in donations.

"People should just donate" is a great idea and that would be wonderful if that’s how the world worked but dont pretend that even the discussion of "people should just donate" would even be a topic to argue right without the challenge

Because without all these “annoying” bucket videos to complain about als would have been just as ignored as it always was by the majority of people.

Pretty cool crate this month.

Pretty cool crate this month.

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Bless you lootcrate

Bless you lootcrate

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me: no one ever texts me
*gets a text*
me: wtf do you want
Brazil: we came out to have a good time and hones-[Germany scores again]