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I want to stab whoever coined the phrase “the customer is always right”

:( im sad about garrett getting released a second time.

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there’s something just not right about this.



Let’s just all take a minute to appreciate the kindness of our overlord.

Also, his shirt.

He is awesome. Period.


Starting to go through the pictures from the Chikara and here are a few of my favorites. Spoiler: the butt touch is the best, nothing else even comes close.

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Tyson Kidd looking like Red Skull


Tyson Kidd looking like Red Skull

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Living dead clothing check then out!

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list of shitty things ezra fitz did just so everyone knows

1) willingly started a relationship with a 16 year old for book research
2) started this relationship even though he knew he was going to be her teacher
3) said relationship caused said 16 year old emotional trauma and…

The multiple 20ish year old dudes (Spencers sisters boyfriends, Ezra) hitting on multiple17 and under girls has always creeped me out when I watched.

Its even worse because spencer was always blamed, not the grown ass men.