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brainbustaaahhh replied to your post: NXT was really good this week.

So much greatness in an hour I was going to cry

I still wish Alex Riley wouldn’t speak but Derrick with his singing or whatever was hilarious.

I was worried Jake vs Corey would be a squash but I was really happy with that match. Corey looked strong and douchey and Jake came out looking competent.

Alicia vs Sasha was wonderful tho i do think that headlock thing by Alicia lasted a while BUT it was a really good match and I enjoyed it. As Sasha is fuckin adorbs and her shock at winning just ugh everything /loves

The tag matches were steller and team Neville/Oliver 12eva lolol even tho poor Oliver. I love him but his ass is so the Jannetty. But they meshed well together, I hope they let them promo soon.

I just really enjoyed it, but can we not let Askana speak? Thanks.