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Casual reminder post.

The Attitude Era was riddled with faults and on a number of times sucked extreme dick.

Just because a product is TV PG doesn’t mean it sucks.

A PG rating doesn’t automatically mean bad writing. That’s the fault of writers in general not the actual rating of the product. Michael Bay gets to be all “fuck yeah extreeeeme” in his movies yet the overall story of the product is still terrible..

No matter how many times you cry about it the Attitude Era is never coming back and hating the current product because of that fact is ignorant.

The attitude era hasn’t worked for TNA the last 5 years they’ve spent pretending to be in it.

Some of the storylines during the Attitude Era were actually 100x worse than what we get in the PG Era.

It’s important to remember the history of a product you love but it’s a bad thing to immortalize it to the point where you ignore it’s faults.